Located AtStaffordshire Record Office
Alt Ref NoD453, 623, 728, 793, D986, 1404, D(W)1721/2-3, D3071, D3108, D3259, D3260, 3943, D4038, D4381, D5121, D6557, D6714, 6735
TitleRecords of the Bagot family of Blithfield, Lords Bagot
Date12th cent-20th cent
DescriptionThis collection is arranged under all the separate deposits rather than amalgamated into one catalogue so any search will need to take this into account.

D453, lease re Blithfield Hall, manors and lands, 1807
623 xeroxes relate to the glassworks.
793 xeroxes of originals Chiddingston Castle in Kent, copies were purchased in 1965 through Kent Record Office.
D986 comprises items that were used in the compilation of the Bagot Memorial (published 1824), including deeds from the 12th cent., and pedigree items.
D(W)1721/2-3 comprises estate maps (D(W)1721/2), and the main series of medieval Bagot deeds (D(W)1721/3), with additional items of estate material (D(W)1721/3/160-302), mainly 18th-19th cent., including surveys, also personal items, mainly 16th-18th cent.
1404 consist of photocopies of the 20th cent. conveyances of Blithfield Hall
D3071 consists of a few personal Bagot items, including Charles I letter.
D3108, memorandum of agreement
D3136 and D3137 consists of solicitors' papers mainly relating to Fisherwick, but including a few Bagot items.
D3259 comprises estate papers for Staffordshire and Welsh estates, mainly 19th century, some 18th century, includes rent accounts, and plans of Blithfield Hall and gardens, some household books, title deeds and settlements, and personal papers 17th-20th centuries.
D3260 comprises the Bagot Memorials and similar works, pedigrees, grants of arms, etc., with some additional personal items, 19th cent.
D3943 consists of accounts, sale catalogues and other papers relating to Blithfield Hall, 1933-1977.
D4038 comprises title deeds from 13th cent., manorial court papers and accounts, mainly 16th-17th cent., estate accounts, rentals, surveys and valuations, estate memoranda, personal estate, legal case papers, personal papers, public office, miscellaneous, primarily Staffordshire, mainly 16th-18th century
D4173 consists of a sale catalogue, Blithfield Hall, 1959.
D4381 consists of seven documents relating to the Bagot family, c.1596 to 19th cent.
4481 consists of photocopies of family papers.
D4752 consists of three watercolours of Blithfield church and copy of Anne Bagot's diary.
D4962 consists of a bond and correspondence for rebuilding the parsonage house at Blithfield, 1806.
D5103 consists of a watercolour of Elford Church.
D5121 consists of family papers 16th-20th cent., also some County maps
5282 consists of Bagot family correspondence, 1754-1771.
D6510 (uncatalogued) consists of papers mainly relating to the restoration of Blithfield, 1940s-1960s, with some other historic items including 1781 inventory.
D6557 consists of two volumes relating to the Abbots Bromley Hospital (almshouses).
D6595 consists of papers used in the legal case over Blithfield Hall, c.1979-1987 (see Chapter 20 in Lady Bagot's memoir of Blithfield Hall) [not available for public inspection].
D6714 consists of a design for the Orangery at Blithfield by James "Athenian" Stuart, c.1769.
6735 consists of a marriage settlement, 1851 (Hon William Bagot).
D7085 (uncatalogued) consists of papers used for Lady Bagot's memoir.
D7132 (uncatalogued) consists mainly of family diaries and letters, 19th cent and 1940s-1960s
D7283 (uncatalogued) consists mainly of personal letters and diaries, official documents, photographs, correspondence with art galleries and auction houses re sales and exhibitions, with catalogues, mainly 20th century, some 19th century items.
D7350 is a letter dated 1855 relating to the gift of a snuff box previously owned by the Emperor of Russia.
Related Material5700: material collected by L Neighbour & Son, land agents for the Bagot Estate
Mf 9-10 Bagot Collection at Folger Shakespeare Library [catalogue and digital images online at: http://titania.folger.edu/findingaids/dfobagot.xml#anchorref456 (2015)]
Lady Bagot's memoir "Blithfield Hall - A Country House Saved", 2011. Copy at William Salt Library.
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